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Which E-Cigarette Vaping Device should you start with?


There are different types of electronic cigarettes, starting from the basic cigarette look a like e-cigarette, to the ego-t and the more advanced mods and tanks. The question is, which one should you start with?

Although the basic concept of how an electronic cigarette works is the same, whether it is the basic ecig product, the more superior Ego-t or the much more advanced products such as mods, the difference lies in their build. Hence different products will give you different vaping experiences.

All electronic cigarettes work by having two main components:
  1. The battery
  2. The eliquid reservoir

However, the specifications of the battery and type of eliquid reservoir can be found in different shapes and forms depending on the type of electronic cigarette one is using. It is this difference that causes variations in the performance and functionality of the devices.

Let’s look at the differences in the functionality of the two most common beginner vaping devices, to understand why they give different vaping experiences.

Basic Cigarette look-a-like

The basic electronic cigarette consists of a battery and a cartomiser or cartridge (the eliquid reservoir), which contains a polyester filler material. This material soaks the eliquid, transferring it to the heating element converting the eliquid into vapour. Due to the polyfill material absorbing the eliquid, the vaping experience is slightly muted as the material retains some of the eliquid flavour and vapour.

There is also no way to find out the amount of eliquid left in your cartomiser, which can result in running out of eliquid at a bad time!

Additionally, the battery of these basic electronic cigarettes tend to be much smaller with lower mAh capacities, resulting in your battery lasting for a less amount of time.

Inside of an Electronic Cigarette Cartomiser

Ego-T Electronic Cigarette

The Ego-t consists of a battery and a clearomiser also known as a tank (the eliquid reservoir).In a clearomiser tank, the eliquid is delivered to the heating coil through a wick instead of polyfill material. This means there is less muting of the eliquid, and delivers a superior vaping performance in comparison to the basic electronic cigarette.

In addition, the transparent pyrex glass tank system allows one to store larger capacities of eliquid (2.2ml) and therefore ones does not have to refill it as often as in a basic electronic cigarette.

One can also see the exact amount of eliquid left in their clearomiser tank, as it is a transparent pyrex glass tank, eliminating a common frustration of running out of eliquid at a bad time!

The Ego-t battery has a much higher mAh capacity so one-can vape for longer periods of time without having to recharge their battery as often as compared to the basic electronic cigarette look-a-like which have much lower mAh’s.

Inside of an Ego Electronic Cigarette Clearomiser


For serious smokers who wish to quit tobacco, while the basic electronic cigarette may give you an idea of how this healthier alternative works, it may not deliver the desired experience. It is therefore recommended that one begins their vaping journey or moves to the Ego-t electronic cigarette in due time for a superior, satisfying and desirable vaping experience.

For any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team on +91-11-4604 6505, via e-mail at or through our contact form.



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