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Temperature Control Mods - why use them?

The more advanced electronic cigarette devices have intricate settings enabling one to personalize their vaping experience. It started off with variable voltage settings moving on to variable wattage settings and now you can also find temperature control (TC) settings. But what is temperature control? Why should one use temperature control? There are many questions surrounding TC Mods that we have outlined below.

What is temperature control?

Temperature control allows one to control the temperature of the coil. Setting your device to x temperature means that the temperature of the coil in your device will not exceed the temperature you have set.

How does temperature control work?

Temperature control mods don’t have thermostats to measure temperature. Instead, TC mods, record the resistance of the coil before one starts vaping and then monitors the resistance of the coil as it heats up. Once the coil reaches the desired temperature one has set, the mod works to maintain the target temperature. It does this by either:

  • Cutting off the power when the desired temperature is reached
  • Automatically adjusting the power as you vape to maintain the target temperature levels
  • Reducing the amount of power and as a last resort cutting off the power to maintain one’s desired temperature (most mods now use this method)

Usually TC Mods also have Variable Wattage functionalities. Hence, if you do not wish to use the TC mode you can use always use the variable wattage mode.

Can temperature control mods work with all coils?

One has to be careful while using temperature control mods if one wishes to use the TC settings. Mods in temperature control modes only work with certain coil materials. This is because the properties of certain materials such as nickel and titanium enable their resistance to increase as they heat up. The increase in their resistance indicates the increase in their temperature. So for example, if the resistance of your coil before you start vaping is 0.2 ohms and after you start vaping is 0.5 ohms, it is a known fact that this means that the temperature of the coil must have risen by x amount which is then noted by the mod. This also means that one shouldn’t use these materials in variable wattage mode, otherwise the temperature of these coils will rise to a very high level as you won’t be limiting the temperature of the coils.

In contrast other wire materials do not operate in the same manner. For example, kanthal does not change resistance when heated. The manner in which temperature control mods work, therefore require that the materials used are able to change their resistance for the mod to monitor and know the temperature.

Why do you need temperature control?

Avoid Dry hits
Temperature Control is good to avoid burning the wick that cause dry hits. This is more of a problem in the more advanced products where they have a large wattage range going up to very high levels. With temperature control one can limit the temperature of the coils to avoid them reaching their burning point. If the wicks run dry the temperature of the coil starts to rise, hence the temperature protection will cut the power and as a result one will receive less vapour rather than a dry hit.

Coils last longer
Avoiding dry hits also results in not over-heating the coil, which means that the coils last longer.

Battery lasts longer
Additionally, temperature control only uses the amount of power required to keep the coil at the right temperature, therefore it uses less power than when vaping without TC. This means that the battery lasts longer than vaping without TC.

Temperature Control Mods certainly provide a certain number of benefits. Some people prefer to use variable wattage mode, however some people prefer to use temperature control modes especially when vaping more advanced products. Again, however, being able to use temperature mode will depend on other factors such as the coil you are using etc.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on +91-11-46046505, via e-mail at or through our contact form.

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