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Variable Voltage vs Variable Wattage - What should you use?

The more advanced electronic cigarette devices have more settings than the more simple beginner devices. These advanced settings can involve adjusting the voltage or wattage of the device. But what’s the difference in both the settings? Why should one choose adjusting voltage over wattage or vice versa? Which setting should you adjust?

Well, the first thing to understand is how electronic cigarettes work. Electronic cigarettes consist of an atomizer, where the coil has a certain resistance measured in ohms. Wattage is the power output of the battery where as voltage is the potential energy of the battery. Altering the voltage or the resistance alters the wattage, which is the final output of the battery.

Ecigarette wattage equals voltage squared divided by resistance

Based on the formula above, if for example, you have a coil with a 1.2 ohms resistance and set the battery to 3.7V, the power output of the device will be 11.4W. If however, you now choose to use a coil with a 1.5 ohms resistance (keeping all other variables the same such as the eliquid one is using etc), to achieve the same power output of 11.4W you will need to adjust the voltage of the battery to 4.1V which you will need to calculate given the formula above.

If, however you set the battery power output to 11.4W, whether you use a 1.2 ohms coil or a 1.5 ohms coil this won’t have an affect on the output as you have already set the power output to 11.4W. In fact, the voltage will then automatically adjust to give that power output you have chosen. This is extremely handy if you have figured out the power setting you prefer because you don’t have to worry about figuring out the correct setting again if you decide to change your tanks or coils.

You may find devices that are either variable voltage or variable wattage or both. Understanding the difference between voltage and wattage will give you a better indication of whether you should choose a variable voltage or variable wattage device. Additionally, if using a device, which contains both settings, this information will give you a better understanding of which setting you should use and the effects it has. Hence, if you have found your perfect wattage setting, it is easier to adjust wattage, as the output will always remain your desired one given all other variables involved remain constant.

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