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The term “Threading” in electronic cigarettes explained

If you are fairly new to electronic cigarettes, the word ‘threading’ probably requires a little more understanding.

If you use our basic rechargeable electronic cigarettes, this information is not as important, however it is still useful to know in case you wish to upgrade to a more advanced product at a later stage such as the ego-t or more advanced batteries & mods aswell as tanks/atomizers.

What is threading in electronic cigarettes?

Threading relates to the way in which metal parts are screwed together so that they can fit each other.

Think about, how would you know that a particular tank will fit a particular mod or battery?
The answer to this is the threading specifications on both individual products. If the threading specifications on both products match, that means they will fit together.

Some products have their own unique threading which are not known widely in the industry and therefore are not standardized threading. In this case, these are restricted to limited products with which you can mix and match as other products in the industry will not have this threading.

However there are some standard threadings across different product lines and brands in the industry which enables one to mix and match different products together.

Imagine if you wanted to use one company’s tank with another company’s battery or mod or vice versa, you wouldn’t be able to unless there is a standard threading which are widely known.

Some of the standard threadings are "510" and "Ego" threading and most Litejoy products have these standard threadings so that our customers are able to mix and match different products with one another that the Litejoy range of products provides.

This increases the feasibility and does not compromise on one's flexibility of a product, as new products are introduced and you may wish to upgrade your battery or tank without having to spend on the entire kit.

Is it possible for a product to have more than one threading?

Yes this is possible. Although tanks/atomizers tend to only have one threading, most mods and batteries have more than one threading as shown below.

Ego-t Electronic Cigarette Battery threading

a) 510
b) Ego

These are standard threadings widely known in the industry. This means that if the tank is Ego or 510 threaded it will be able to fit this battery.

Is it possible for various parts of a product in a starter kit to have different threadings?

Even though a battery & tank may come as part of one kit and both will need to have the same threading specifications to fit each other. It is possible for one part to have more threads than the other. This is shown below.

Ego-t Crystal Electronic Cigarette tank and battery threading

Please find enclosed chart to explain threading further:

Battery / Mod threads Tanks / Atomiser threadings Will it fit?
Ego 510
510 Ego
510 & Ego Ego
510 & Ego 510
Ego Unique
510 Unique
Unique Ego
Unique 510
Ego Ego
510 510

Please note:

Please note that threading is not the only consideration when trying to fit two products together, there also other technicalities which make products compatible or non compatible. Therefore, it is always recommended to stick to the recommended compatibility of products provided by the company.

For any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team on +91-11-4604 6505, via e-mail at or through our contact form.

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