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Mouth to Lung Inhale vs Direct Lung Inhale - understanding the difference

You might have come across the terms mouth to lung inhale (MTL) or direct lung inhale (DL), whether it be vaper’s talk, mentioned in device product descriptions or through your vaping research. But what exactly do these terms mean?

MTL& DL vaping are two different styles of inhaling vapour in an electronic cigarette. The design of the tanks as well as the type of coils one is using, determines the difference in both inhaling techniques.

Mouth to Lung inhale (MTL)

This is when you draw the vapour into your mouth first and then take it back into the lungs. This method is very similar to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Since the MTL technique is used in smoking traditional cigarettes, most beginners who want to quit smoking traditional cigarettes use devices, which enable a MTL hit.

Typically MTL tanks have a tight draw with restricted airflow. Usually one will find that tanks with 1ohm or more resistance are good for MTL inhale.

Direct Lung inhale (DL)

This is when you draw the vapour straight into your lungs. This method is sometimes compared to smoking traditional shisha.

Most users usually start off with MTL devices as this resembles smoking traditional cigarettes and then move on to DL devices. However, some people prefer DL techniques and start off with that immediately.

Typically DL tanks have an airier draw with plenty of airflow producing larger clouds. Usually one will find that sub-ohm tanks (less than 1 ohm) are good for DL inhale as the lower resistance can keep up with the increased airflow requirements.

Mouth to Lung and Direct Lung inhale

Some devices offer both MTL and DL vaping techniques by offering different coils with the device and in some cases different drip tips to alter the draw of the vapour. For example the Aspire Plato Mod offers two types of coils and two types of drip tips, one coil and drip tip for MTL inhaling and one coil and drip tip for DL inhaling.


Both inhaling techniques are very different. It is important to first determine your preferred style, which will help you choose your device or tank accordingly. If you smoke traditional cigarettes we would suggest starting with MTL tanks or perhaps even devices which offer both techniques to help you experience both.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on +91-11-46046505, via e-mail at or through our contact form.

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