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Ego T Electronic Cigarette Troubleshooting Guide

If battery isn’t working

■  Ensure that the battery has been fully charged before using. Batteries are supplied partially charged but occasionally the battery won't have any charge, to get the best life from your battery, we recommend
    fully charging before your first use.

■  Check to see if it is locked by clicking the button 5 times in 3 seconds. If it was locked, the power button will flash 5 times to confirm it's unlocked and it will light up when the power button is pressed and

■  When you try to charge it, is the light on the USB charger changing from red to green immediately? If so this could indicate a faulty charger or that the battery isn't holding the charge.

■  Check to see if the top of the battery needs cleaning (condensation or eliquid could be obstructing the connection).

If the ego isn't producing any vapour

■  Check whether the coil is screwed in tightly. If the coil is loose it will disrupt the connection between the heating element and the coil.

■  Check the clearomiser is screwed securely into the battery (do not over tighten). If it isn't the connection between the battery and the heating element will be broken.

■  Is there a sufficient amount of eliquid in the tank? If there is only a small amount of eliquid in the tank, there may not be enough soaked into the wicks to be vapourised. It is recommended there is at least
    half a tank of eliquid.

■  When was the coil unit was last changed? If the coil unit has burnt out, this can affect the flavour & the amount of vapour being produced. We recommend changing the coil around once a month however
    you will know when it needs changing as there will be a slight burnt taste to the vapour.

■  What eliquid are you using? If you're not using a Litejoy eliquid, please check the PG/VG ratio on the eliquid packaging. Eliquids with a high VG % can clog the coil. If you have an eliquid with a high VG %,
    is there a reason you’ve chosen this such as a sensitivity to Propylene Glycol (PG)? If not, we suggest switching to an eliquid that contains a higher PG % and has a mixture of both PG & VG as this will
    make your coils last longer.

If the clearomiser is leaking

■  Check that your coil unit is being used as supplied and that the strings and rubber can have not been removed. If these have been removed, the coil has been damaged and you should replace it with a new
    coil unit.

■  Check to see if the product is overfilled. The clearomiser shouldn’t contain more than 2.4ml of eliquid.

■  Check to see if the coil unit is screwed in tightly. If the coil is loose, eliquid will get into the central vapour vent.

■  When was the coil last changed? If it has been a while it could be that the coil has burnt out and is creating a space that the eliquid is leaking through.

■  Clean the whole clearomiser using warm water and then dry. It is recommended to clean the clearomiser at least once a week as condensation from using the product will clog up the vapour vent creating
    less vapour.

There is a burning taste

■  If there is a burning taste this usually means that the wicks need changing, this could either be because you've used it for a while or because you've used it with no/not enough eliquid in the tank.


 "I can see glowing at the bottom of the clearomiser, is this normal?"
     ■  Although the majority of people don't see this, yes, it is normal. This glowing at the bottom of the clearomiser is coming from the heating element which is located in the central metal section that the
         coil screws into.

 "How often do I change a coil?"
     ■  Around once a month however you will know when the coil needs changing as the vapour will start to have a burnt taste. You can extend the life of your coils by giving them a wash with warm, clean
         water when you replace the eliquid.

 "Do you sell spare mouthpieces/rubber mouthpiece caps?"
     ■  No. Unfortunately we do not sell these separately, they are only available with a new clearomiser.

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