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Flavour - Perfecting the taste of your eliquid

You may be wondering, isn’t achieving the right flavour from your vaping experience as simple as choosing the flavoured eliquid you want? Unfortunately it is not that simple and there are a number of factors, which could influence the flavour you vape. We have explained the different factors that could affect flavour for you to try and perfect the taste of your eliquid to your preference.

Factors which influence ecigarette flavour

Power/Temperature Settings

Increasing power increases vapour, flavour and throat hit of ecigarette

It is only possible to change the power or temperature settings with variable voltage, variable wattage or temperature control devices. If your device has temperature control then you can directly adjust the temperature settings to alter the temperature of your device. If your device doesn’t have temperature control you can alter the power settings (by changing either the wattage or voltage of the device), which will also alter the temperature of the coil.

Increasing the power or temperature settings takes the existing elements of your eliquid (flavour, nicotine strength, PG/VG ratio etc) and multiplies their effect. For example if you are using blueberry eliquid, the taste would be stronger at 100W than at 50W.

Moreover, different flavours vaporize at different temperatures and hence you may find that you prefer blueberry at 30W but pineapple at 50W or vice versa. Try experimenting with your flavour at different temperatures to suit your preference.

Other considerations to take into account:

  • As we know, increasing or decreasing the power or temperature settings takes the existing elements of your eliquid and alters them. Hence, it may be the case that at a particular power/temperature while the flavour is perfect, the other elements such as vapour and throat hit from the eliquid are not quite to your preference. Hence, you may need to play around with a variety of settings to achieve your desired output.
  • Since increasing power means increasing the temperature of coils, this means that the higher power you use the hotter the vape you will get. Hence, you will notice that every tank has air holes in them as this is needed. This is why it is not a good idea to totally close off the airholes in some cases, especially when vaping at very high power/temperature as it will provide a very hot vape. Unless ofcourse that is what you prefer.
  • Before you put up the voltage/wattage/temperature too high, ensure your tank is able to handle the power setting. The power you can achieve by adjusting the settings on your mod depends on the resistance of the coil you are using in your tank. If you use a higher power than the coil can handle it will burn the coil. Hence, one needs to determine what power/temperature the coil can handle.


Increasing airflow increases ecigarette vapour decreases flavour and throat hit

Airflow refers to the amount of air that flows through the coil of your device. All devices have air holes to allow airflow, however not all devices will have adjustable airflow. Hence, you can only alter the airflow if you have a device with adjustable airflow.

When you have a lot of air flowing through the coil, the vapour gets less dense and this produces large clouds. However, due to the lower density this also disperses the flavour there by reducing it. Therefore, the more the airflow the less concentrated the flavour.

Other considerations:

  • You may find that increasing/decreasing the airflow has an impact on throat hit and vapour production as well. Hence you may need to mix and match with a variety of settings to achieve the perfect balance between flavour, throat hit and vapour production.
  • Airflow also affects the tightness of the draw you receive, the more airflow the more airier the vape, the less airflow the more tighter the draw

PG/VG ratio

Increasing eliquid PG increases throat hit and increasing VG increases vapour

PG carries the flavour of eliquids better as VG has a slight sweet taste to it, which can alter the flavour of the eliquid a little. Hence, the more PG, the better the flavour of the eliquid is carried.

However, most users find that PG is not a major contributing factor to achieving better flavour and that the same can be achieved by altering other factors mentioned in this article such as temperature settings on the device etc.

Other considerations to take into account:

  • Increasing the PG content will not only carry the flavour of the eliquid better but also increase throat hit. If increasing PG increases throat hit too much for your liking, it may be better to alter the other factors in this article to increase flavour rather than PG. Alternatively, one might wish to reduce factors relating to throat hit such as nicotine strength etc.
  • Keep in mind that the more PG that is in your eliquid, the less VG will be in your eliquid (unless using a 50/50 ratio). If you prefer large clouds, you may need to play around with a variety of different settings to achieve the desired output and balance between throat hit, flavour and vapour.
  • Remember not all devices work with High VG (above 50VG) eliquids due to its thick viscosity. Check whether your device is compatible with high VG eliquids.


Bottom coil tanks produce better flavour than top coil tanks. This is because in devices where the coil unit is at the top of the tank, the eliquid has to be sucked upwards by the wicks to the coil units. Alternatively, if the coil unit is at the bottom of the tank, the wicks will immediately be soaked with the eliquid.

Most tanks are now bottom coil tanks, however if you do come across top coil tanks, this is a point to consider and one should ideally find a bottom coil tank for better flavour.

However, the purest flavour is received with dripping atomizers. Usually dripping atomizers are rebuildable where you have the full flexibility of customizing your vaping experience. However, some dripping atomizers also offer replaceable coil units, so even if you don’t have the required knowledge to build your own coils, you can still experience dripping atomizers by using the replaceable coil units provided by the vendor.

Vaper’s Tongue

Vaper’s tongue occurs when you have been vaping a certain flavour constantly for a long time and this causes the flavour to start to fade away as you continue to use it. This does not always occur and if it does, it may occur for a different number of reasons. Sometimes, the best way to solve this is to change the flavour you are vaping for a while and drink plenty of water.

If you are ill or have a cold, this can also affect the flavour of your eliquid since your taste buds are muted.

Storing your eliquid

This is not a major issue although one should try to keep your eliquid away from heat and light as well as air for extended time to avoid alterations in your eliquid.Since exposure to these elements can’t be completely controlled as long as you don’t expose the eliquids too much a little exposure won’t do any harm to the flavour.


Steeping is the process by which you let the eliquid age with time, improving the flavour of the eliquid. This can be done by leaving the bottle in a cool dark place for a while or letting the eliquid breathe by opening the cap of the eliquid for short periods of time.

Cleaning your tank

All vaping devices work in the same way. The battery heats the coil, which vaporizes the eliquid and emits vapour. The eliquid is delivered to the coil through wicking material, which soaks the eliquid. Hence, if you then change the eliquid flavour you are using, the wicks have retained the previous flavour of eliquid and will cause the new flavour to taste differently. If you are using a different tank this is not an issue, however using a different tank may not always be feasible. The solution to ensure that you get rid of the previous flavour is to disassemble your tank and rinse all the components and let them dry. Since coils may take longer to dry, you could use a different coil head in the mean time.


Remember there is no set in stone rule about what will work for you. Each individual’s preference is different and what may be satisfactory for one person, may not be for another.

We would suggest to at first test the different factors affecting flavour with the same device and same flavoured eliquid to gain a practical understanding of how these factors affect your vaping experience.

For example, I have a 75W Mod and a Blueberry flavoured eliquid of 1.6% nicotine strength and PG/VG. First, I wouldtry vaping at 30W and then after a bit change the settings to perhaps 50W and then 70W and so on (provided the coil I am using can handle 70W). This will give me an idea of how my vaping experience changes by altering the power settings.
Then I would put my settings back to 30W and perhaps adjust the airflow this time changing it from 1 airhole to 2 airholes and so on. This will give me an idea of how my vaping experience changes by altering the airflow.
Then I would vape at 30W, with 1 airhole airflow and perhaps try changing the composition of my blueberry eliquid and try a different PG/VG ratio etc.
Remember, you can only fully test the different elements if you only change the factor you are testing and keep all other elements constant as I have done in the example above.

Once, I understand the effect the different settings have on my vaping experience, I then mix and match different settings to achieve my desired output. For example, I might change the power settings and realize that at 50W the blueberry taste of my eliquid is perfect for me, however the throat hit is too strong. I could either try and reduce the power settings, however since I am receiving the perfect flavour I might not be too keen on doing this. Therefore, I would try and alter other factors that affect throat hit such as reducing nicotine strength.

More often than not, it will be the case that you will need to alter a range of different settings to tweak your vaping experience and achieve your desired balance between flavour, vapour and throat hit.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on +91-11-46046505, via e-mail at or through our contact form.

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