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Airflow - how does it impact your vaping experience?

What is airflow?

Airflow refers to the amount of air that flows through the coil of your device. All devices have air holes to allow air to flow through the coil and condense the liquid into vapour.

How does the device get airflow?

Although every device has airflow, the nature of airflow varies from device to device as every tank is built and designed differently.

Ego-t ecigarette tank with base airholes Aspire Natilus ecigarette tank with bottom airholes Smoktech TFV4 ecigarette tank with top and bottom airholes

These are just some examples how the nature of airflow varies depending on the tank one is using. There are number of variations one can find.

In addition, some tanks have non-adjustable airflow while others have adjustable airflow allowing one to customize their vaping experience. One should take note however that the number of airholes allowing the airflow in the tanks should not be used as a direct comparison point between two tanks. This is because the air holes could vary in shape and size. Therefore, while two tanks may have the same number of air holes it could be the case that one has larger air holes than the other and are perhaps a different shape altogether. Similarly, if a tank has 3 air holes and another tank has 5 air holes, it could be the case that the tank with 3 air holes are larger in size and a different shape, than the 5 air holes in the other tank put together.

How does airflow impact the vaping experience?

Increasing airflow results in ecigarette flavour and throat hit decreasing and vapour increasing

When you have a lot of air flowing through the coil, the vapour gets less dense and this produces large clouds. This also means that because the vapour is less concentrated and more airy the impact on the throat is reduced, giving a weaker throat hit. Due to the lower density this also disperses the flavour thereby reducing it. In addition, more air results in a cooler vape and an airier draw.

Therefore, more airflow means more vapour but reduced throat hit and flavour, as well as a cooler vape and a more airy draw.
Similarly, less airflow means less vapour but more throat hit and flavour as well as a hotter vape and a tighter draw.


Airflow is very important in the construction of any vaping device. With adjustable airflow one can customize their vaping experience depending on the vapour production, flavour, throat hit, temperature of the vape and tightness of the draw one prefers. Hence, if one would like to experiment, this is definitely a factor to consider!

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