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Electronic Cigarette Battery care, Storage and Maintenance

E Cigarette Battery Care

As with any lithium-ion batteries, you should treat your Litejoy electronic cigarette batteries with care to ensure they have the best possible battery life and remain safe.

The following is a list of ways that you can maintain your electronic cigarette battery:

■  Always use the charger supplied with your Litejoy electronic cigarette as it is the charger that is intended for use with the battery you’re purchasing. Although other makes of chargers may fit the battery,
    they may not be compatible with the battery strength and cause them to become dangerous.

■  Use only genuine Litejoy products with your electronic cigarette battery; these can be purchased either directly from our website or from our authorised distributors.
    If you’re unsure of whether you’re purchasing a genuine Litejoy product or whether you’re purchasing from an authorised distributor, please check our store locator or contact us.

■  Do not leave batteries to charge unattended. We do not recommend charging batteries overnight or in an unaccompanied vehicle or building.

■  Keep your battery clean at all times, this includes protecting from any spills which may damage them.

■  Store batteries in a clean, dry area away from direct heat, sunlight and moisture.

■  Store your batteries in a protective, non conductive case when not in use.

■  Inspect the batteries protective covering regularly to ensure that it hasn't been damaged or pierced in any way. Batteries that have been damaged or pierced can become dangerous and should be replaced

■  Keep a check of when your batteries were purchased. Overuse of batteries can cause them to become dangerous. Most batteries used on a continuous charging cycle should last around 4 - 6 months.

■  Before first using the electronic cigarette battery, it should be fully charged. Although electronic cigarette batteries are supplied partially charged, it is always best to charge them fully to get the best
    performance from them. Charging until the light on the charger changes from red to green is sufficient.

■  Regularly check the length of time it takes for your electronic cigarette battery to charge. With a newer battery, it should take longer to charge and the amount of time it takes to charge should decrease
    overtime. Noticing the length of a charge can help you to identify faulty batteries or chargers which could become dangerous.

For any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team on +91-11-4604 6505, via e-mail at or through our contact form.

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