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Different types of Ecigarette batteries

Switching to electronic cigarettes can be a daunting task because of the numerous products in the market. It is often difficult to understand where to start due to the choices available.

The following information will give you more clarity on the different types of ecigarettes and the differences between them as well as an indication on what may be suitable for you.

Broadly there are 3 types of ecigs:
• Minis
• Mid sized
• APVs/Mods


Mini Sized Basic Electronic Cigarettes


What are Mini electronic cigarettes?

Mini electronic cigarettes often mimic the appearance of traditional cigarettes in shape and size.
Most first time electronic cigarette users switching from traditional cigarettes tend to start with this product because of its similarity in feel to conventional cigarettes.
They are small and light which makes them discreet and easy to carry around as if you were carrying a conventional cigarette.

Who should use them?

These inexpensive products are ideal for beginners looking to move from the traditional cigarettes to a more healthier alternative. Recommended for light to moderate smokers.

Which Litejoy products fall under this category of electronic cigarettes?

Litejoy mini ecigarettes can be found here. Our mini ecigarettes are rechargeable and once the refills are finished they can be replaced with prefilled cartomisers or one can purchase empty cartomisers and refill with eliquids of your choice of flavor and nicotine strength.



Mid Sized Ego Electronic Cigarettes

Mid Size

What are Mid sized electronic cigarettes?

Mid Size electronic cigarettes although bigger than the mini electronic cigarettes are not too big and offer more vapour production and a longer lasting battery charge. In addition because this type of electronic cigarette uses tanks instead of cartridges which are larger in size, one can store more eliquid to last longer without refilling.

These type of electronic cigarettes also tend to have standard threading which means one can mix and match with other products. Some mid size electronic cigarettes are also customizable although not as much as APV’s or mods since these tend to me slightly more complex unless you are an advanced vaper.

Who should use them?

Although mid size electronic cigarettes are usually used as a progression from the basic electronic cigarette, there is no reason why beginners cannot indulge straight into using this well priced product especially if you are a heavy smoker due to its increased performance, vapour production and throat hit.

Which Litejoy products fall under this category of electronic cigarettes?

Litejoy’s mid size ecigarettes are available in complete starter kits providing every thing one needs to get started. Our mid sized electronic cigarettes are rechargeable and are perfect to use with our wide variety of eliquids in 50+ exotic flavours and different nicotine strengths.


Ecigarette Vape Mods

APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers) or Mods

What are APVs or Mods?

Advanced Personal Vaporizers or Mods provide the most personalized vaping experience with the best vaping performance. There are usually two types of mods namely, tube mods and box mods due to the difference in their shapes.
Mods tend to use replaceable lithium ion batteries unlike mini and mid sized electronic cigarettes where the battery is contained in one unit.
There are numerous settings and functions available in a mod such as measuring the resistance of your coil, setting your desired wattage or voltage etc which means you can fully customize your vaping experience making it completely personal due to your control.

Who should use them?

Although APVS/Mods may appear to be the utmost product in electronic cigarettes we would not recommend this product for beginners. This product is mainly for more advanced vapers as they require a certain understanding of the different settings, effects and technicalities, and it is always recommended that one uses the mini’s and mid sized electronic cigarettes before moving onto APVs.

Which Litejoy products fall under this category of electronic cigarettes?

Litejoy’s APV’s or mods can be found here. Our advanced personal vaporizers or mods are rechargeable and are perfect to use with our variety of tanks/atomizers which can be filled with our wide variety of eliquids.

Please view our Getting Started page to find a suitable product for you.


For any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team on +91-11-4604 6505, via e-mail at or through our contact form.

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