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Determining the Compatibility of Products

Perhaps you have an existing vaping kit and want to use another tank with your existing battery or mod? Perhaps you want to use another battery/mod with your existing tank? Or perhaps you don’t want to buy a kit but would rather choose your own battery/mod and tank? Either way the essential question is whether the two components will be compatible.

There are two important things to keep in mind while mixing and matching to ensure the compatibility of your devices and save you the time, effort and money from buying the wrong device.

1. Will both the tank and the mod/battery be able to fit together?

This depends on the threading of the mod and tank. Threading relates to the way in which metal parts screw together so that they can fit each other. Hence, the threading specifications on both the tank and mod/battery need to match in order to be able to screw together.

Some of the common standard threadings are Ego and 510. If a tank has an Ego threading but the battery/mod has 510 threading the two parts will not be able to fit together. Most batteries/mods have more than one threading so that if you wish to use a particular tank with a particular batter/mod you can do so without struggling with the threadings of the two parts. For example, if a tank has Ego threading and the battery/mod has both Ego & 510 threading, you will be able to use the tank with the battery.

Some devices won’t allow one to mix and match with other parts because of the way they are built.In this case the threading of the product won’t be an issue!

To learn more about threading please click here.

2. Given the technicalities of the tank, coil and mod – will the products work together?

The threading of the products is only the first consideration in deciphering compatibility. Once, one has determined if the components fit together, the next consideration involves the electronic concepts of vaping devices.

Understanding the basics of these electronic concepts will help you to better understand how electronic cigarettes function. However, we will give you a simple example. The coil in an electronic cigarette has a certain resistance rating which is given in ohms. Certain resistances work better with a certain voltage, wattage or temperature range. Using the coils outside of these ranges can result in a negative experience as well as the device not working. Most coils will also give a voltage, wattage or temperature rating. This rating indicates the voltage, wattage or temperature of the battery or mod that the coil is compatible with.

Aspire Nautilus BVC ecigarette coils 3.3-4.2 voltage rating Aspire Cleito ecigarette coils 40-60 wattage rating Smoktech ecigarette coils 420-600 temperature rating

Likewise, the mods/batteries tend to specify their voltage, wattage and temperature ratings (all or whichever ones are applicable).

Evod twist ecigarette battery 3.2-4.8 voltage rating Kbox ecigarette mod 7-200 wattage rating Aspire Plato ecigarette mod 100-315 temperature rating

How do I use the information given on the coils and batteries/mods to see if my tanks and mods/batteries are compatible?

As long as the voltage, wattage or temperature rating mentioned on the coil falls within the range of the voltage, wattage or temperature rating mentioned on your battery or mod then the components will be compatible.

For example, if the battery/mod has a wattage rating of 10-30W and the coil has a rating of 15-30W then the products will be compatible. If however, the coil has a wattage rating of 35-50W, the products will not be able to work because the battery can only go up to 30W where as the minimum power needed for the coil to work is 35W.

Another situation could be where for example the battery/mod has a wattage rating of 10-30W and the coil has a rating of 15-25W. In this scenario you should be careful that although the mod can be powered up to 30W you do not power the mod more than 25W as this is the maximum wattage rating mentioned on the coil.

The table below gives a few examples to help you understand this better.

Mod Ratings Coil Ratings
25-30W 30-100W 40-140W

In addition, this means that if your mod can be powered between 10W - 200W but your coil only has a rating of 60-70W although it will work with the given mod you may want to consider in the future using a coil which has more wattage rating to use the full potential of your mod.
However, this is completely up to one’s individual preference as altering the power/temperature of one’s device also has an effect on other elements of one’s vaping experience such as throat hit, flavour and vapour production and one may not necessarily want to vape at higher powers.

What if my coil has a wattage rating mentioned, however I prefer to use my mod in temperature mode, how will I know what temperatures to stick to?

It is best to use your mod/battery in the mode that the coil rating mentions.

So if the coil has a temperature rating it is better to use your mod/battery in temperature mode, likewise if the coil has a wattage rating, it is better to use your mod/battery in wattage mode. The reason for this is that not all coil materials are compatible with increased temperature. The more common types of wire that work with temperature control are Titanium and Nickel.If for example, one of the coils have a temperature rating of 420F-600Fand you decide not to use temperature control on your mod but rather the variable wattage settings, it could be the case that the wattage you choose is too high and results in the temperature of the coil being a lot higher than the maximum temperature rating mentioned on the coil. Since, temperature control coils use very specific types of material, having a temperature more than the maximum temperature mentioned can cause hazardous affects.

However, one may find that although the coil has a wattage, voltage or temperature rating mentioned on it, the information booklet might have other ratings of the coil etc mentioned. In that case one can then use that information to know which settings can be used with that coil other than the rating mentioned on the coil. So for example, if the coil mentions a rating of 4.2 – 5.0V but the information booklet also mentions that the coil wattage range is 10-13W, then one can use their wattage settings if preferable rather than their voltage settings.

What if I change my tank but use the same mod/ battery or vice versa?

Every device will have a different rating, so ensure that when you change either the coil or the battery/mod you check the ratings again to ensure they are compatible.
In addition, keep in mind that some tanks have a variety of coil options available to use with them. Hence, if you change the coil in the tank remember to check it’s rating as well.

What if I’m rebuilding my own coils?

If you are using rebuildable coils or mechanical mods you will have to take extra precaution and should only be using these if you have knowledge of electronics such as ohms law etc. to avoid potential damage and harm.

Both considerations are equally important in deciphering whether the components of the electronic cigarette device are compatible. If the threadings of the components do not match you won’t be able to screw them together! If you aren’t careful of whether the technical specifications of the components are correct the device may not work and can have an adverse affect!

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on +91-11-46046505, via e-mail at or through our contact form.

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