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How to choose your Eliquid - Beginner's Guide

As a beginner the first step is to choose your vaping device, the second is to choose your eliquid.

With eliquids being highly customizable and an extremely wide variety to choose from, it can be hard to know how and which eliquid to choose. There are various factors to consider when choosing your eliquid such as the flavour, nicotine strength, PG/VG ratio etc. The first eliquid you try may not be the most satisfactory for a number of reasons and so it is always better to make an informed choice to avoid disappointment. Below we have listed the factors one should consider while choosing your initial eliquids.


What are eliquid flavourings?

Flavourings are an ingredient of eliquids. Without flavourings the eliquid would not have the strawberry, blueberry etc flavours you taste. There are a wide variety of flavours available from the more traditional cigarette flavours such as Tobacco, Classic Original, Cool Menthol etc to more exotic flavours such as Cappuccino, Double Apple, Virginia Leaf etc. One can also find dessert flavours such as Caramel Mocha etc. The possibilities are truly unimaginable and endless.

Knowing one’s personal taste can be an advantage in trying to choose the correct eliquid flavour. One should also read the product descriptions to get a better feel of the particular eliquid, although of course you’ll never know until you actually vape and experience it!

Which eliquid flavour should I choose?

As a beginner you may be looking for a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes or traditional hookah/shisha.

If you are looking for an electronic cigarette, some choose to begin with traditional cigarette flavours especially if they have been smoking similar flavours previously such as Classic Original, Tobacco, Cool Menthol etc. gradually moving on to other flavours.

If you are looking for an electronic shisha, some choose to begin with their favourite hookah flavours such as Double Apple, Blueberry etc and then explore with more exotic flavours such as Ice Cola & Lemon, Grape & Mint, Rhubarb & Custard, Hawaiian Fruit Punch, Cuban Cigar etc.

As taste is very subjective, experimentation is an essential part of the process, so don’t be afraid to further experiment and try out flavours that you may have never tried before!

Nicotine Strength

What is nicotine strength?

Nicotine is the non-carcinogenic substance, which makes traditional cigarettes addictive. Electronic cigarettes allow one to take nicotine without the harmful substances found in traditional cigarettes such as tobacco etc. Moreover, one can control the amount of nicotine intake, as eliquids are available in a variety of nicotine strengths including 0% nicotine.

What does nicotine strength affect?

Increasing eliquid nicotine strength increases throat hit

How do I choose the correct nicotine strength?

Your initial choice of nicotine strength will depend on your current smoking habits or choice of cigarette you smoke. If you are a heavy smoker then 1.8%, 1.6%, or a similar %, is a good starting point. A lighter smoker could start with 1.2%, 0.8% or similar and someone who prefers no nicotine can choose 0%. Usually smokers tend to start with a nicotine strength, rather than using 0% nicotine straight away, and reduce their nicotine intake over time to make the transition more gradual and successful. However, having said that, this depends on the individual user and their requirements as some individuals do use 0% nicotine straight away based on what they were smoking traditionally. As nicotine also affects throat hit, if you would like more throat hit choose ahigher nicotine strength.

There are a variety of nicotine strengths available, beyond the ones mentioned. Hence, if one finds that they need more or less nicotine than they are using, this can be easily changed, as there are plenty of options.

PG (Propylene Glycol) / VG (Vegetable Glycerin) ratio

What is PG/VG?

PG/VG is the main base solution in your eliquid. There are different PG/VG ratios available i.e. PG30%/VG70%, PG50%/VG50%, PG70%/VG30% & many more.

PG is a thinner and runnier solution compared to VG and is more easily absorbed by the heating element. Due to its low density there is less clog that builds up around the heating element when vaporized.

VG is a thicker and stickier substance compared to PG, which means that it is not as easily absorbed by the heating element. Due to its high density there is slightly more gunk built around the heating element in comparison to PG. In addition, the thickness of VG means that not every tank is designed to work with high VG eliquids, which is explained further below.

What does PG/VG affect:

Effect of eliquid PG/VG ratio

How do I choose the correct PG/VG ratio?

Firstly, one must understand that your choice of PG/VG ratio will primarily depend on the type of device you are using. As a beginner, you will probably be using a simple device, which consists of a simple tank. Due to the thickness of VG, most of these simple beginner tanks are not compatible with high VG eliquids (eliquids which contain more than 50VG). In some cases, it is possible that it could work but this will mean that the life of the coils in the tanks will be reduced, there will be muting of your vaping experience as the coils will not be able to wick the eliquid properly and there will be a lot more clogging around the coils. If you are unsure that the tank you are using is compatible with eliquids above 50VG, check the product description of your hardware for this information or ask the vendor of the device.

Secondly, once you have ascertained if your device is compatible with high VG eliquids or not then you can move on to determining what ratio you would like based on the impact that PG and VG have on the vaping experience as mentioned in the table above.

Most beginners choose to start with a PG70/VG30 or PG50/VG50 ratio eliquid, if available in their desired flavour and nicotine strength, as they find this suits their initial requirements. You will gain a better idea after you have used your eliquid as to what elements need to be tweaked if you are not 100% satisfied and can always change the ratios according to your preference later.


One of the most important factors is also the quality of the eliquid. One should buy their eliquids from a reputable brand in which ingredients are clearly mentioned, the eliquid bottles have safety caps and are factory sealed and you are able to contact them to address any question you may have.


A beginner’s device is quite simple and doesn’t have complex settings that the more advanced products have which also have an impact on the eliquid one chooses. Hence, it is easier to choose an eliquid for simple beginner devices. By taking into account the considerations above one can gain a better understanding of the eliquid they should go for. This information will also help you to understand what changes you may need to make to your eliquid if you feel that the eliquid you have chosen isn’t 100% satisfactory. 

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on +91-11-46046505, via e-mail at or through our contact form.




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