Exclusive European Puff Dragon Eliquids!

Puff Dragon Eliquid range

We are extremely excited and pleased to announce the launch of the European Puff Dragon eliquids at Litejoy India.

Puff Dragon eliquids provide an interesting range of flavours from The Don, a Cuban Cigar flavoured eliquid to Hula Hula, a Hawaiian Fruit Punch flavoured eliquid. Gosh, our mouths are already watering! What are you waiting for? Grab the mouth-watering Puff Dragon eliquids now at an amazing introductory offer.

Hula Hula eliquid by Puff Dragon Hula Hula eliquid by Puff Dragon
Puff Dragon eliquid 50/50 range

Puff Dragon liquids are also available in High VG ratios. Eliquids that contain a higher % of VG are not compatible with all hardware. To ensure that your hardware is compatible with eliquids that contain higher VG please check your hardware’s product description.

If you are using Litejoy’s Ego-t please only use those puff dragon eliquids which contain PG50/VG50 ratio as the Ego-t is not compatible with high VG eliquids and will not work with puff dragon PG30/VG70 or PG20/VG80 eliquids.

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