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How to achieve your desired throat hit?

What is throat hit?

Throat hit is the sensation you feel at the back of your throat as you inhale. For many, especially beginners, this is an important factor of their vaping experience, as it resembles a similar experience to smoking traditional cigarettes and makes the switch to vaping easier.

What can I do if I want a stronger/gentler throat hit?

We have summarized the basic factors to consider for a stronger or gentler throat hit in the table below.

  Stronger throat hit Gentler throat hit
Nicotine Strength Higher Nicotine Strength Lower Nicotine Strength
PG/VG Ratio Higher PG Higher VG
Power/ Temp Increase power or temperature Decrease power or temperature
Airflow Decrease Airflow Increase Airflow

However, one must keep in mind that it is not as simply as altering these factors to achieve the desired output. There are other considerations one must make along side. Hence, we have explained these factors further to ensure you understand why these factors influence throat hit and what else you need to keep in mind while experimenting with these factors.One should also take note that each factor has a different weightage in influencing throat hit.

Tip: It would be a good idea to experience each of these factors individually if possible to understand the difference that each factor causes before mixing and matching the different factors to achieve the desired output.

Explaining the different elements in altering and achieving your desired throat hit.

Nicotine Strength

Nicotine strength is one of the most important factors in achieving throat hit.

Increasing nicotine strength of eliquid increases throat hit

Other considerations to keep in mind:

  • If you are using more advanced devices such as sub ohm tanks and mods at high power/temperature levels etc. higher nicotine strengths may produce harsh results and therefore it is better to stick to lower nicotine strengths if using these devices. You can always compensate for the lower nicotine strengths by altering one of the other factors in the table above to gain a higher throat hit.
  • However, in some circumstances you may find that the reason you vape higher nicotine strengths is not just for the throat hit but simply for satisfaction and in fact you are not able to cope with the throat hit levels. As we know the addictive substance in traditional cigarettes is the nicotine and vaping allows you to take nicotine without all the other harmful chemicals in it and slowly reduce the nicotine intake. In this case if you are using higher nicotine strengths for satisfaction, you could try altering some of the factors from the table in order to lessen the amount of throat hit from the nicotine.
  • PG/VG Ratio

    PG/VG ratio is also a major factor contributing to throat hit.

    Increasing eliquid PG ratio increases throat hit

    PG/VG is the main base solution of your eliquid and there are different PG/VG ratios that are available. PG has a thinner consistency, where as VG has a more thicker consistency. Hence PG is more easily absorbed by the heating element than VG.

    Other considerations to keep in mind:

    • If you would like a stronger throat hit and therefore decide to use higher PG eliquids, one thing to keep in mind is that if you vape at higher power levels then eliquids containing higher PG can give an extremely harsh throat hit making it difficult to cope with. However, some may prefer it that way. The relation between power settings and throat hit is explained further down in this article.
    • If you would like a gentler throat hit and therefore decide to use higher VG eliquids, one thing to keep in mind is that not every device will work with High VG (above 50VG) eliquids. Due to VG having a thicker consistency, not every tank is designed to cope with the levels of thickness. Ensure that your device will work with high VG eliquids before buying them as otherwise it will go to waste. If your device does not work with high VG eliquids or you are unsure, stick to eliquids with a 50/50 ratio and if still needed try altering the other factors on the table for a gentler throat hit.
    • Power/ Temperature Settings

      The power or temperature settings of your device can have a huge impact on your throat hit.

      Increasing power increases ecigarette throat hit

      It is only possible to change the power or temperature settings with variable voltage, variable wattage or temperature control devices.

      By increasing either of these factors of your device you are essentially taking the existing elements of your eliquid and multiplying them to a greater effect. For example if you use a 1.8% nicotine strength eliquid, it will give a stronger throat hit at 100W than 50W as increasing the power/temperature will multiply the effect of the nicotine strength.

      Other considerations to keep in mind:

      • If by increasing or decreasing the power/temperature of the device, you feel that the throat hit is not up to your satisfaction, however the flavour and vapour that is produced is perfect, try changing one of the other factors that alter throat hit to achieve the desired output.
      • Usually one finds that at high power/temperature it is better to use lower nicotine strengths and/or lower PG eliquids as the high settings tend to amplify the throat hit received from the nicotine strength and PG making it unbearable. However, this ultimately is all up to personal preference.
      • If you would like to move away from the high levels of nicotine and reduce your nicotine intake over time but would still like a certain level of throat hit, adjusting the power or temperature settings is a great way to do this by using the higher power or temperature to compensate for the effect of high nicotine strengths.
      • Keep in mind that the extent to which one can increase the power on their device would depend on the tank they are using. Usually the coils have the power or temperature range written on them. Ensure that you stay within the range specified. For example you may have a device that can go up to 100W, however the coil that you are using gives a range of 30-60W. Ensure that you do not adjust the wattage to fall outside this range as this could provide dry hits etc. Different coils have different power/temperature ranges.
      • Airflow Settings

        Airflow is not a factor as major as compared to the others in regards to influencing throat hit, however it still does have an impact on throat hit.

        Increasing airflow increases ecigarette throat hit

        All devices have air holes to allow for airflow, however not all devices have adjustable airflow where you can adjust airflow yourself.

        Airflow is the amount of air that flows through the coils. When more air flows through the coil, the vapour is less concentrated and more airy, which reduces the impact on your throat giving a weaker throat hit. Hence less airflow through the coil means the vapour is more concentrated and less airy, which increases the impact on your throat giving a stronger throat hit.

        Other considerations to take into account:

        • If by increasing or decreasing the airflow, you feel that the throat hit is not up to your satisfaction, however the flavour and vapour that is produced is perfect, try changing one of the other factors that alter throat hit to achieve the desired output.
        • Conclusion:

          We would recommend that you try changing each of these elements with the same device to understand the impact they have on throat hit before you start mixing and matching the different elements to achieve the desired output. Since increasing/decreasing these factors may also have an effect on the flavour and vapour production you may find that you need to play around with a variety of settings to achieve the correct balance between throat hit, flavour and vapour production to achieve your preference.

          For any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team on +91-11-4604 6505, via e-mail at or through our contact form.

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