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What our customer's say! Leave Feedback

I ordered Ego T and I am very happy with the performance of the device. The vapour is wonderful and the battery life is extremely good. It helped me quit smoking and can recommend this product to every one. The only single remark from me is that although the product is great, it is a bit higher on the cost side compared to other products online.

I found the eshisha amazing, fully portable and nicotine free product.

I have been very pleased with this company, they are very prompt and efficient and most helpful

One suggestion, You may want to get something designed for storing E-cig in pocket such as Pen Clip which may work as cover for the cartomiser Vaping point.

I have been a tobacco cigarette smoker since the last 40 years smoking about 15-20 cigarettes a day till 4 months back. Heard about e-cigarettes which do not contain the harmful tar and have either no nicotine or a very less content of it. After lot of research, I finally decided to go in for Litejoy E-Cigarette as a substitute. Tried the Classic Original and other flavours as well. Have stuck on to Classic Original because of its tobacco-like taste and the satisfaction it gives. Its looks nice, is easy to charge and convenient to carry because of its size like a cigarette. Moreover it avoids passive smoking (my wife is very happy). I will not say that i have totally stopped tobacco-smoking but it has considerably reduced by at least 50%.

Have recently started using Litejoy E- Cigarette. Finding it great alternative to conventional smoking (without actually getting into health pointers comparisons). I can smoke few puffs as against i tend to smoke whole conventional cigarette. This not only reduces cost but also control over nicotine levels which eventually should help me get rid of nicotine cravings.

i ordered the rechargable E Cigg i found the product very very useful and satifying and the looks of the ciggrate is very nice it looks great in black n it keeps you healthy and is a the most awasome thing to use as a replacement of the regular ciggrate i have tried Cool Mentol and the Creamy Vanillla Cartomiser both are nice strong flavours specially the creamy Vanillla it feels like you smoking an Vanillla Ice Cream OVERAL great products great brand i will surely recommand this to all my freinds and family members who smoke traditional cigarettes.....

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