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What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a device that simulates the process of smoking a conventional cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are similar in appearance to regular cigarettes but are available in 3 great flavours and medium nicotine strengths.

Electronic cigarettes aren't included in the India smoking ban so are 100% legal to smoke anywhere and have no proven passive smoking risks.


How does it work?

An electronic cigarette is made of 2 parts; a cartomiser and a battery.

The cartomiser is made up of two components, a cartridge and an atomiser. The atomiser is an element in the cartomiser that heats up and is responsible for vaporising the eliquid. The cartridge is located at the end of the cartomiser and contains the eliquid.

The battery is a lithium-ion battery. The battery is the largest part of the electronic cigarette and is responsible for powering the atomiser and LED light in the tip which lights up purple as you puff.

How do you use an electronic cigarette?

E cigarettes are used in the same way as a conventional cigarette. To use, simply inhale, this action pulls the eliquid from the cartridge to the atomiser which heats the eliquid until it becomes vapour. Inhaling the vapour delivers nicotine to the lungs.

Exhaling the vapour looks the same as exhaling smoke from a conventional cigarette; however this is actually liquid vapour.


How to power an electronic cigarette

If you choose a rechargeable electronic cigarette, there are several options available for charging your e cigarette battery. Litejoy provides a range of electronic cigarette chargers including usb chargers.

The range of different chargers allows you to recharge your battery wherever you are ensuring that your e-cigarette is always ready to use.


Are electronic cigarettes safe?

E cigarettes contain nicotine which is highly addictive, however they don't contain tobacco, tar or the 4,000 other dangerous and cancer-causing chemicals found in conventional cigarettes making them a healthier alternative to smoking.


Why choose an litejoy electronic cigarette?

The benefits of switching to an electronic cigarette include:

  • No tobacco, tar or cancerous toxins
  • No ash or offensive odours
  • Safer to smoke anywhere
  • Satisfies the Nicotine craving
  • No known passive smoking risks
  • Less expensive than regular cigarettes
  • Looks & feels like a regular cigarette
  • Available in a great range of flavours


Find out how they work here.

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  • i found the product very very useful and satifying
    “i ordered the rechargable E Cigg i found the product very very useful and satifying and the looks of the ciggrate is very nice it looks great in black n it keeps you healthy and is a the most awasome thing to use as a replacement of the regular ciggrate i have tried Cool Mentol and the Crea” ... more

    By Shantanu Arora

  • Finding it great alternative to conventional smoke
    “Have recently started using Litejoy E- Cigarette. Finding it great alternative to conventional smoking (without actually getting into health pointers comparisons). I can smoke few puffs as against i tend to smoke whole conventional cigarette. This not only reduces cost but also control over nicotine” ... more

    By Anil M